Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs

With the impressive variety of 0 gravity chairs in the market today, it's hard to imagine that such chairs did not exist at some point in the past. How lovely technology has made life for us all. Among the more attractive offerings for plus-size individuals especially are oversized zero gravity chairs. These are made like regular zero gravity chairs in every way, only they're bigger. With their larger-than-average stature, oversized zero gravity chairs tend to be cozy to sit on and delightful to lie on.

But are these chairs meant to be used by bigger sized people only? Not at all, although, that's ideally why they were designed in the first place. Like with most things, the unspoken rule when selecting a zero gravity chair is to go for the model that feels most comfortable for you. And for some people, oversized zero gravity chairs beat all others when it comes to comfort. Getting this group of fans to switch to any other type of reclining chair is near impossible. But that can only be so because there is some good worth holding onto in these chairs, which brings us to...

Advantages of an Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
Greater maximum weight capacity - The most obvious plus in these chairs is the higher weight capacity. Unlike standard zero gravity chairs whose weight capacity is capped at lower levels the oversize variety can support far heavier weights. Someone who wouldn't comfortably fit in a regular zero gravity chair will be at home on the oversized version of the chair. A related advantage is that these chairs can be used by both light and heavy people as well as lean and plump ones.

Sturdy and balanced - The wider frame of the chair means the chair is sturdier and better supported with a strong base. Chances of toppling over or otherwise destabilizing while in use are minimal as a result.

Durability - To ensure optimal support for the extra large frame, manufacturers use quality materials. For low weight capacity chairs, manufacturers can get away with using less than stellar materials. Not so with oversized zero gravity chairs, because of the higher weight they're built to support, these chairs need superior quality materials, and this in turn ensures durability and reliability.

Comfortable - Most models come with a padding to ensure you're comfortable while sitting or lying on the chair. The chair is also spacious enough, with sufficient legroom and head room and wide arm rests for your comfort.

Variety in design and color - The chairs come in good designs that add an element of fun and play to the whole ensemble. Moreover, you get to choose from multiple color codes, although the available color variety depends on the brand. Some brands give a greater variety than others, so always shop around first before settling for a particular chair. You may come across a color or design you like better in the process.

How to Pick an Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
Check the size - They may be oversized all right but these chairs are not the same. They're not equal. Some are bigger. Some are wider. Check the specific dimensions of each unit you're interested in and then compare how each chair fairs against the others. This way, you'll come to a more objective conclusion. Why go through all this trouble? Because it isn't unusual to find chairs with just the right height or leg allowance but which are not wide enough for comfortable sitting.

Check the maximum weight capacity - Some zero gravity chairs will be marketed under the oversized category but will have a weight capacity below 300 pounds. For your safety and peace of mind, opt for units that support at least 300 pounds. If the weight rating is higher than this, the better as a heavier person can sit on it without worrying about breaking the chair or toppling over.

Check the padding - Unfortunately, not all oversized zero gravity chairs are padded. And in some cases, the padding is so thin it hardly counts. This is a chair you'll probably use regularly and, in some cases, for lengthy periods. In this case, the padding becomes a necessity. Without it, it means you'll be lying on a rather hard surface, which may not be pleasant at all.

Check the massage function - Not all oversized chairs come with a massage function. If you would like to use the chair for massage sometimes, confirm that it is bundled with massage capability before buying. Note that the added functionality will probably impact its cost, so prepare to pay more for a massage chair with zero gravity features.

While at it, confirm also the specific massage functions supported as some chairs will have more features than others. The manufacturer will indicate the specific types of massage movements and techniques supported, how many preset massage programs there are, and whether these massage settings are automatic or manual. Find the best zero gravity massage chairs!

Does it have a lock mechanism? - Most manufacturers ensure that their oversized zero gravity chairs have a lock feature. In some chairs, the lock can be activated both while the chair is in use and when it's folded. In others, the lock safety feature can only be activated when the chair is in use.

Is it portable? - A chair that's also portable is a plus. Quite simply, you can take it with you wherever you like to relax and unwind. For many people, this means the porch or garden, but even when you want to go on a camping trip, it's a chair that's you'll easily fold and load in the car.

At the end of the day, oversized zero gravity chairs play a vital role in helping you relax in comfort whenever you need to. And with some chairs supporting as much as 450 pounds in weight, relaxing at home or in the outdoors just became easier. There are lots of designs and sizes to choose from; you're bound to find a chair that's suitable with a little comparison shopping.